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Five Tips to Help You Get the Most of Your Spark Nano 3.0

As far as the GPS tracking devices go the latest version of the Spark Nano is one of the best on the market. The Spark Nano 3.0 gives you all the features you need in a reliable device that can be used for both personal and commercial tracking purposes. You can use one of these devices to protect your kids, monitor your vehicles, and manage various parts of your business. All in a unit that costs less than $30 per month to operate.

Whether you’re currently a Nano owner or you’re planning to purchase your first device here are five tips to help you get the most out of it.

  1. Get the Magnetic Case – In most cases your Spark Nano 3.0 will be exposed to the elements from outdoor use. One of the best ways to protect it is to invest in the magnetic case from Brickhouse Security. This magnetic case allows you to mount the unit on any magnetized metal surface; it’s ideal for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and more.
  2. Set Maximum Time between Reports – The Spark Nano 3.0 has the option of programming your reports to be transmitted in one, five, or 10 minute intervals. Every time you request the unit to report its position it’s using extra battery power. Unless you have reason to believe there’s an emergency, you can preserve your battery life by making the default setting 10 minutes. If you suspect you do have emergency you can always increase the frequency of your reports.
  3. Utilizing Geo-Fencing – Brickhouse Security has included a unique feature in the Nano called “geo-fencing.” This feature allows you to program into the device certain areas where your teenage drivers are allowed to go. If the vehicle goes outside of those predetermined areas you will receive an e-mail or text message informing you of what’s going on. From there you can track your vehicle’s movement and know where is at all times. Geo-fencing is one of the best ways to make sure your kids don’t go where they’re not supposed to.
  4. Don’t Hide the Nano from Kids – Typically we think of a GPS tracking device as a method of stealth surveillance. While it may be true, when you’re using your Spark Nano to monitor your teenager’s driving habits, stealth is not helpful. You want the teen to know up front so that he avoids undesirable behavior. It doesn’t do any good to find out after the fact, especially if you’re teen gets in trouble in the interim.
  5. Add It to Your Daily Planner – Nothing is worse than tracking an activated GPS device only to have it die because the battery is completely spent. If you utilize a daily planner use it to remind yourself to charge your GPS device on a regular basis. A fully charged Spark Nano is one that always functions the way you’re expecting it to.