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Spark Nano 4.0 Makes Halloween Safer

Even as this blog post is being written, we are just eight days away from the 2013 Halloween holiday. Just over a week from now, kids will be going door-to-door, dressed in costumes and looking for tasty, candy treats. Parents of younger children will undoubtedly accompany them on the neighborhood trek. However, there will also be parents of older children; parents who will be, for the first time ever, letting kids go trick-or-treating by themselves.

Enter the new Spark Nano 4.0 GPS tracker.

Spark Nano 4

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a GPS tracker, it’s hard to do better than the Spark Nano line from BrickHouse. The new 4.0 is the latest upgrade to what has become one of the best-selling personal tracking devices in the country. It is a great GPS tracker to use with your kids this Halloween.

Real-Time Tracking

Right off the bat, you should know the Spark Nano 4.0 is not a data recorder. It is a real-time tracker enabling you to know where the device is located at any time of night or day. All you need is a mobile device or a computer with an Internet connection. Just by logging into your account, you can track the location and speed of your Nano whenever you want.

Spark Nano 4.0

This incredible little device packs a lot of features we’re sure you’ll love. But the three most important improvements over the previous model are:

  • New Design – The Nano 4.0 has been redesigned to be more sleek and covert than ever before. The device is very easy to conceal thanks to its small size and definitive lines. It measures just 2.5″ x 1.5″ x 1″. It’s the perfect size to throw into a candy collection bag or attach to your child’s Halloween costume.
  • 1-Min. Updates – The default update setting on the 4.0 is set to 1 minute to provide even more accuracy than previous models. And as you probably know, regular updates are the key to real-time tracking. Updates can be sent to your smart phone or e-mail account.
  • Extended Battery – The battery in the Nano 4.0 is a bit larger to its predecessors, offering 24 hours of continuous tracking before needing a recharge. The battery will last up to two weeks based on one hour of tracking use per day.

Other Uses

We love the fact that the Spark Nano 4.0 is great for keeping track of kids while they trick-or-treat on Halloween night. However, this handy little device can be used for dozens of other things. It is the perfect real-time tracker for both people and assets. Use it to:

  • keep track of teen driving habits
  • monitor children, and to and from school
  • monitor company assets (computers, office equipment, etc.)
  • monitor company cars.

Of course, the new Spark Nano offers you the same rugged dependability and state-of-the-art technology BrickHouse products are known for. The 4.0 comes already activated and requires a monthly service fee of $29.95 billed every 30 days. That’s a fair price to pay for the security and assurance real-time GPS tracking affords.

We recommend the Spark Nano 4.0 as one of the best options for personal or business real-time GPS tracking. It also makes an excellent gift this holiday shopping season.